Does Chinese in PRC deserves a better future out of dictation and economic tumor?

dreamt of police intervenes.

last weekends full of joys. hard earned credit card unlock especially makes in air of flying. but I admit dangers among gathering dictation in PRC, which in prolonged nightmare of totalism under fake Atheism. Communism, as its best left in nowadays world, uncovers its tyrant after broken superficial altruism, demanding sacrificed of bloody and liberty. one by one world communist leaders stripped to dwarfism Lordship.

dreamt in Japan in new war.

breaking GFW can be draining, but more or less I now was in the currency of world reports, esp. google, facebook and twitter. but its in fact filtered, though. breaking my new smartphone within PRC even harder to embrace google apps suite. the frustration haunted me for near a week and I still in search for freedom. PRC now in prewar as it propagandas, or never ending war domestic challenges world record of democracy, humanity, and religion sanity without a trial.

dreamt meeting Iron Man, Elon Musk.

these days my dorm's borderless web perfectly accessible while my son's vpn under shaky interruption. downloading of most our liked pc games turns terrible torment. still we feel trophic after got our os update. sinful PRC with its dictation emasculates all spirits but cold skull of the society as well as its products like cheap smartphone ripped google apps. it doomed in coming decades after developing countries under democracy stride ahead, in qualified product and service with the world informative.

applying passport in dream.

recently with online audio ebook and courses, I spent more time being a good learner, blogging less before dream inspires me. I also enchanted by online shopping which more and more unaffordable in my crisis of credit debt and PRC stagnant economy before its prewar. I have no far sight upon the dark time ahead except instinction lives with commitment and sanity in innocence.

before another evasive holiday infused by revengeful woman, my son's mom.

It could be a happy gathering between my son, woz, and his proud dad. but his mom, the poor drained woman whose miserable pose and complexion in last weekend visit empathized me and granted her my debt to her to support my son's living cost via her, now bites me back by arranging once more tourism with my son, recklessly attempting my son with poisonous gift to separate us. my son in cases stupidly testified if my fine temper was ruined by his tentative ignoring my instant message to him with his mom's domineer gift mostly at our cost in future. God, so long I was deprived a smart partner handling this kind of scam with more dignity.

dreamt in Taipei.

after plausible sound informative system equipped me, these weeks I barely blogged. dreams scattered like dusts. my son, woz's English web insanely ruined by GFW which desperate against us online, like face in face humiliation or hand to hand battle. but we have faith in holy settlement. this dawn my dream land is Taiwan whose hospitality well known in the world of Christian, the only united world on the planet Earth.

new independent audio system works for me in bailout.

in turmoil economy and sinking PRC's prewar, I try all means to live rich and colorful. with gears recent years' update, we far more resourceful than ever. now improvement shifts to audio system: my portable bluetooth speaker enhanced by google chromecast audio, inaugurates. silver voice will escort me into ever glorious world on eastern Asia.

dreamt of relocation in hometown.

in a most beautiful rain rhythm I dreamt hometown again, with breakheart departure with my son for new job market. haunting jobless frequented me again in dream. but nonetheless, last month salary improved to 2500rmb. within 2 months my salary card will likely defreeze and debt to ICBC will clear.

dreamt of TV prize

this week we had 3 parcels from online shopping: one for woz, one for my sound entertainment, one for kill poor dorm moisture. my son and myself both can't wait for our gifts arriving. woz just accompanied his revengeful mom traveled to a neighbor city northerner across border. till he told me the destiny I forgave his ignorance my messages in the week alone, and re-enlivened for our monthly cinema experience.

dreamt of graduation.

this week I will stay in my dorm till my son brought by his relentless mom in her tourism return next Monday. last week he visited my dorm and our Friday night in dorm perfectly fruitful. this dawn I dreamt of campus love again and felt so real! God, dad, isn't my love coming?!


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