Does Chinese in PRC deserves a better future out of dictation and economic tumor?

dreamt of young actress.

my morning alarm woke up from dreaming the PRC young actress from minor tribe of Uygur, mostly inhabit northeastern China. my niece admires her very much. I don't know my attitude but barrier between muslim and Chinese was huge. I can't forgive brutality and monstrous murders public around the world since its lair, middle east went rotten in living and atmosphere. hates bring killing, but who to blame, their falling environment mostly due to their wilder breed competition and rampant arsenal race.

mean labor day holiday.

even I had money for last day of PRC labor holiday, I intended prepared for 3 other weekends gathering meals in advance. but now I likely have to cope with current hunger now. one of my local debtees, already refused once for small loan. in long run I'm confident, but day by day threatened by penniless really draining. God, when is my mid class leisure time?

dreamt of teenage romance.

in this review I again refresh wilder joyes with my new 2 domains, and first one unconventional TLD, .center. I don't mean to occupy namespace like cheap Chinese do in real estate and domains, but I in an area of gold rush in domains. God, dad, help me don't waste the golden era when everyone grows with intelligent property.

a breakthrough Friday night drizzle

last night I without precaution web myself, after a drizzle the night before yesterday. my tension with my son, woz's silent disagree to my violent lesson for his unable to manage his timetable independent, eased by my son's sms reply to my frequent work requests for a godaddy verification code. a day left after I reunited my son, woz, on Saturday noon. I still don't believe my son in angry with me, nor my cyberspace startup's difficulty.

2 new domains inaugurated.

it can be draining in crazy of greedy. I was in it now: I can't help clinching 2 new domains, one my first new unconventional TLD, zuo.center, one for my son, woz's cultivation or buddy lamp, woga.me, when they strikes me with meaningful correlative. I was astonished by their beauty and simply valuable. and I badly need cashes or earnings to support my research of meanings in the holy plenty world. so that's my confession after blessed with my claimed diamonds. God, isn't it peace now?

a slight morning rain.

these days rested on site building, shift more joys among videos online, esp from amazon and youtube. informative or emotional smart, both improve me in unforeseeable way. God, how I amazed by the marvelous culture and attest of true and way. thx God, I still working and growing, talking and in love.

lane combat with PRC surveillance.

since return from our 3rd flight tour, my workload usually full fruitful. this week I sorted our google voice account and prepare to make well usage of google land phone number. after these years with small freedom breaking GFW and enjoy borderless web, I more proud and stride to take over our vested harvest due, in light of peace of christian one world.

find new laundry dealer.

this week busy with selective route against PRC main portals discriminating foreign ips from vpn. in recent years, my so many programs benefited from online communities discussion and google. now I likely have to cope myth of codes on my own. hope it will not so painful for the skill and learning. I also saw my replaced dirty clothes after shower first time laundry outside of my son's mom's handle, as step closer to sink the broken marriage decade ago.

dream of missionary.

its a normal dream but when I note it, I know its potentially an article of importance. now sunny spring outside window inspires growth and promising, I pray we get what we admired sooner. my son, woz, in his last school term before his junior middle school. his dad want to equip him with all modern world gadgets, within progressive and fruitful workspace, aiming buds his entrepreneurship, while China education system, represented by my son's sinful mom, a rotten small teacher, tried to even brutally hinder it.

dreamt of my smartphones.

its Tuesday and my son, woz, yet enable his WIFI after I taught him a lesson that he should try his best to maintain working environment includes broadband internet. he likely under his mad mom's ban to power on router, or he in bitter disobedience against my scorn and even violent punishment. God, pl let it less painful to see the right way, the winning strategy rewards in bucks.



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