woz in his 11 years on the planet now.


watchwoz 11 years birthday video online 

or https://youtu.be/dSJNS8yCMb4


among harsher economy the sinking PRC brought, his dad suffers historic low salary, 1468rmb for May, and his evil mom refused to join celebrating the bright birthday, they still arranged the event online and local in camera. woz peacefully accepted his dad's ascending with cake he ordered online and fetched from his favorite Walmart Qiqihar franchise building, same small local shop he ordered last year for his son's 10 bday. the morning its rained a bit larger than usual in the summer, but turns out a brilliant afternoon in sunshine.
eventual summer 2016 in Qiqihar mostly chill and cloudy, like the economic turmor in sinking PRC under tightened dictation and fake worship of the communist leader. under the adversity, the dad and his son, woz, Hope of China, God of Universe, makes a brilliant birthday for ever young and growing mirage of Heavenly.
woz with his 11 year birthday cake


just updated the report on zhoneWeb at https://agarten.in/woz12. glad got woz affirm that he will write for his portal, woga.me for the relay woga.me哦游戏 official blog. we will see later this weekend at the site.

woz in his 12th birthday

with new summer ahead, as hotest as north hemisphere spot here, WOZ, bet the best scenery:



riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊




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