Does Chinese in PRC deserves a better future out of dictation and economic tumor?

amid hangry luanr new year brought

it had been enduring no funny in lunar new year for a homeless. now hardest part passed and I almost saw its end. what a world different tribes projected anticipation upon their holiday, norm of celebration and relief? I am a consolidate beneficiary of unite holy open freedom universe USA points toward, even itself undergo pressure test of survive cheap mob esp illegal immigrants and abnormal individualism, enemies of hero and grace.

means step by step budding.

this morning I slept sound, but remaining is mid dream of logic. I busy with blog since got up, before making myself breakfast in dorm. now almost settled the long waiting article in the year end, my joy upon new year and new celebration just appears.

in first day of my fasting

this week ran smoothly as no more utterance, note taking on our portal online. but I did lots of notes via google keep for coming retirement of my chromebook. I can't wait for equipping my son, woz, a new asus flip chromebook, convertible, ultra portable. then I will see my first DIY linux notebook from old chromebook. God, dad, why I relentlessly prepare myself work space? for its too hard to fight bare hand against sinful dying ghost of Communism China, their corpse of tyrant, repulsive insane fetish of past and vanish.

wonder January 2018

after so many relentless anticipations upon monthly reuniting my son, woz, at my QRRS Dorm, we finally got our wonderful work out in the weekends: woz's adoption in eclipse for his c++ programming IDE, our new google home mini more functional with native English interface & voice command empowered by native rich content support. we even gained a better salary for year end purchases.

dirty eyes trying profanes.

this week mostly rested in idleness, while lots of naps yet brought peace. a once QRRS hostel waitress, who more or less treated me above average when QRRS Dorm canteen's food too coarse to bite 2 decades ago, and my QRRS dorm colleagues invited me to join together to dine nearby QRRS hostel which solely serving VIP guests & with better food, so we took advantage of our newly graduate & dined there without determent then. the elder woman now abused my polite by creating more unusual chances to nod me, and stalked me with her poor husband. as insane as it, more sinful is the dark eyes behind the curtain of PRC surveillance encloses me decades in drainage of PRC's doomed society.

forgiveness in soft dawn.

so beautiful night life when I lingering in thoughts while radio echoes my fantasy. in day time, sometimes I boring with thoughtful, but in night which is short I often felt bright enough for staying and retrospection. last night I roamed a lot in my history and anxious if my sleep unstable. but that proven clueless. I woke up with message and joy of peace & meaningful.

first new year bliss

in satisfaction of second adopting dico's luncheon since credit life back to 2015, it's our new year hope that stable average life in PRC sustainable & carefully evades world food crisis. God dad, even Iran people trying get rid of dictator confronted by starvation and deteriorated life, nowadays, when we all acquire world peace in danger, human society as animal breed should evolve to higher spiritually guided and Christian central?

after settled recent cyber orders.

a new week now, since bitter of keeping myself away from dearest son, woz, after he felt more his own space, esp upon financial self-efficiency. I don't know why my contented with new technic products, esp from morally uprising google, didn't reflect in my son's appreciation, and smooth adoption of new life style empowered by high tech & borderless internet. God dad, less burdens my son by PRC stagnant educational rubbish, free him in more self-taught & creativeness.

seasonal gifts deserve our grateful.

its a sunny morning, even winter doesn't shift its brilliance. its 3rd day since my new bed cushion put in use. its turns much softer & warmer after these days, which left my sleep cozier & steady. year end gifts might ordinary to common middle class, but it saturates our elation & blessingful. God dad, in this eve of world crisis, esp cheap rampant human cattle vs spiritual guided society, bliss in the gift means so much in salvage. God dad thx!

week in light sadness.

God, alipay virtual credit still putting me in wilder joy, even it denied by godaddy with which I barely looking forward to renew all zhone remnant domains after last month operation renewed some priciest domains, ie. woz.fm, etc. God, dad, my life is light, and burden of sustaining life standard almost grounded, comparing coming worldwide food crisis. Dad, God, prepare us against sinking torrent devastation to most norms of lives on the earth.



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